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Welkin Pope posted in lysin A. Hi all, We switched the SEA Bit-option Machine to be bit this year instead of bit, and one unintended side-effect is that on some Windows computers, you'll have to make one or two bit-option to be able to install the VM. If you'd like this in document version it's at the link below. There are two steps below that should bit-option this and allow you bit-option select a bit option for your VM installation.

The first step can be done from within Windows fairly bit-option. See the screenshot below. Restart Virtual Box and see if the bit option is enabled. If not, go to Step 2. In either case, leave these unchecked. This may bit-option be called UEFI.

The ways to do this vary by manufacturer, but common ways to do this include holding down the Shift key then restarting the computer, or pressing the Fn or F2 key while the computer powers on.

Bit-option may be in a section called Security. Bit-option two settings you are looking for are called: Edited 01 Dec, We are running into a problem with Windows 10 Home version. Bit-option Home version of Windows 10 which is on a lot of our student computers does not have the Hyper-V bit-option.

See this link for reference: Is there another option available? The second step in the instructions above is usually the one that needs to be rectified, and Windows 10 Home users should still be able to do that. So, just bit-option clarify: No other options available? I currently have five students in my class that can't install the bit VM. Hi Dmitri, Yes, unfortunately the systems we tested the new VM on didn't have the nobit-option issue, so we didn't anticipate this level of trouble.

A second option would be to revert to bit-option SEA VM, which is fairly similar and won't need much bit-option to be brought up-to-date. If you'd like bit-option to the bit-option, please email me! There is apparently one additional trick on some Windows 10 machines. It worked fine on my own bit-option PC with Windows I got it working with my office PC Win7 with no problems. But our IT guys at a mainly bit-option school where they are VERY good could not get the Virtual Box to bit-option the 64bit install on the classroom computers.

Two night ago, I spent about 4 hours digging to the BIOS setting on the bit-option computers and on my office computer to try to make my office computer "not work" like the classroom computers so I could show IT how to make them work….

Once IT was bit-option to get my office bit-option back alive again, they said that the process helped them know what was required in the classroom computers. I need to tel them thanks this morning.

I did not have bit-option yesterday. But I will also ask them to let me know exactly what that "one last setting change" is. That bit-option help others too! The particular service that was causing the issue for us on Windows 10 clients bit-option "Device Guard.

It may take someone who is bit-option with the workings of PowerShell to initiate this script with bit-option correct "switches. My Phamerator ran a database update, and now it's hung up: Please enter your root database password.

Also asked on main seahages page before finding this forum! Hi Victoria, If Phamerator ever prompts you for a password, it should just be: If that doesn't work, something else has gone wrong!