Jani rajkumar equity and option traders

When you take a trade in equity and square the position off before the end of day, it is called as intraday equity trading. You can trade intraday at Zerodha with leverage by using these 2 product types while taking a trade. When you use this product type, you commit on keeping the trade intraday and hence we give you a leverage between 3 to 10 times based on the risk and volatility of the stock. Our margin calculator tool has a list of all stocks and the MIS leverage you get.

In case of such a situation arising, the onus of squaring off the position will be on the Client. Cover orders is a unique feature at Zerodha where you can trade intraday using market orders but with a definite and compulsory stop loss. Since the risk with such a position is low, the margin required is less and hence the leverage higher. When you trade intraday using cover orders, the leverage you get vary from 6 to 20 times twice as much as MIS.

But again jani rajkumar equity and option traders open positions get squared off around 3. Read this to know more on cover orders. When you buy stock and hold it overnight, it is called a delivery trade. At Zerodha, you need to use product type as CNC while placing a trade to take delivery of equity stock. The product type CNC will show up on your order window only if you have a demat account mapped to your trading account since you would require a demat to take delivery of the equity that you purchase.

At Zerodha we provide no leverage when you are executing delivery trades which mean that you if you want to buy Rs 1lk of stock as CNC, you will need this Rs 1lk in your trading account and similarly if you want to sell Rs 1lk of shares with product type as CNC, you will need these shares in your demat account mapped to your trading account.

Futures as such are inherently leveraged which means that to buy X amount of futures you need only a small portion of it called as margin in your account. This margin to buy futures is stipulated jani rajkumar equity and option traders the various exchanges. MIS is used by intraday traders jani rajkumar equity and option traders all open positions get squared off before the end of day. But since no position is carried forward overnight the margin required is also lesser than the exchange stipulated margins.

Presently Cover jani rajkumar equity and option traders facility is available for equity, commodity and currency futures. When you buy options, jani rajkumar equity and option traders equity or currency there is no additional leverage we provide except in case jani rajkumar equity and option traders market orders where orders may get traded in value excess of funds available in the account.

So if you are buying calls or puts of any contract, the premium required to buy them has to be present in your trading account. When you short an option, the margin required depends on various aspects like underlying, expiry, volatility and more.

We are the first brokers in India to have an online SPAN calculator tool which lets you calculate the margin requirement for shorting an option by mocking the position in the tool. Jani rajkumar equity and option traders playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Suppose your are holding rs 2 lakh worth stocks in ur demat account and have 1 lakh cash, wat wud be the initial margin for intraday trading in Nse Futures or options? Pledge as in you have to transfer the stocks to any other demat account or will the stocks stay in your demat as the margin is only for intraday?

Can I use this margin for intraday equity trading too? Also are there any charges for pledging the stocks? And is it really necessary to send an email for the same? One round trip of pledge and unpledge costs around Rs 55 per scrip irrespective of the quantity.

On Q, we are giving an option to place a pledge request. It will still take around 24 hours to get the benefit. Thanks for such a prompt reply. Initially I was amazed when I saw 0. Prateek, we charge 0. But yes the pledging bit is something that will be simplified in the next few months.

Can you tell me why you are giving margin for future and option only, not for intraday equity scripts. We give for intraday equity scrips as well, check this: Can you please confirm — 1 Does Zerodha charge interest on the margin provided against shares pledged?

I want to create a pledge and keep writing covered calls for a considerable duration. If yes, how much? So, I believe some cash component will be required so as to avoid small transactions for any shortfall in margin.

I am asking from Zerodha margin policy point of view and not risk-cover point of view. I hope it does. If one underlying falls in value reducing over all margin without increasing risk level will there be jani rajkumar equity and option traders auto square off?

The other underlying may be up and that call might be showing a loss. Do I have any control on which position gets squared off? IMO, nothing needs to be squared off since there is no margin risk on any position. If not, is there any way I can mark some position as a covered call position and pledge equivalent number of shares?

Currently we are not, very soon we will as we intend to provide margins without even pledging stocks lying in demat. Jani rajkumar equity and option traders much is still not decided. But for now, there is no charge. It will be charged based on how much margin used.

Yes, you are the owner of the stock, you will get benefit of all corporate action. No, it is all treated as call option writing. No margin benefit you get because you are writing calls on the same stock. Jani rajkumar equity and option traders will not have control on what gets jani rajkumar equity and option traders off first. So it is best to have some additional cash for all MTM losses.

Sir, Would it be Pledge or Pool transfer.? A follow up question on this one: Also, if this is possible, can such an order be a Limit order or will it only be a market order?

Allow me to ask with a hypothetical example:. Vikesh, it will be a pledge. If you want to sell, you will have to first unpledge jani rajkumar equity and option traders only then sell. I have stock in south indian bank at ambalalshares and pledged them with axis bank and created a overdraft account for the stock, can i do this also in zerodha. Hope you will provide the option to the customer of — either 1 Pay Interest on margin and let the shares jani rajkumar equity and option traders demat or 2 Pay pledge-release fees and no interest on margin the present system.

Jani rajkumar equity and option traders is the right way of doing this? PD, This process of manually having to pledge is something we will be stopping soon. Will keep you posted on what route we take. Dear sir, I am a new trader in zerodha. Can you please tell me what is the exact square off time for intraday trade i. In your site time has mentioned as 3: And for 5 mints i had lost Rs.

Dear sir, there is only 3 times trading jani rajkumar equity and option traders for intraday. Compare to others too less. It is upto 20 times based on the stock. I have entered in 4 fno stock futures position yeterday, while entering i have sufficient funds, later today wen i checked my acc is short of 18k funds, may be due to MTM.

My question is today will get chance to exit and get some funds or is there anything like u will squareoff to provide for the margin. Varun, if you have any urgent query call our support numbers.

If the margin in your account drops below the minimum SPAN margin, it gets squared off usually between 3. Until you receive credit, you cannot withdraw this fund. As such, you see this as a margin until then. Read more about the settlement process here: If you could arrange the leverage for equity delivery trades for a week like 5 to 10 times would be helpful.

The investor can expect bull trend and helps nations to uptrend attracting the investors. Margin policy coming soon for delivery reading…I heard this from last 7 months but when you started? Is investment value as per current value March month will added in my demat account or i should take some other step for return back my investment.

If a stock is delisted for regulatory reasons then there is no way for you to sell unless the issue is resolved. However, if a company goes for a voluntary delisting then there will be a window wherein you can tender your shares at a price specified by the company. How much is upto you. You can check out margin required to trade different commodities here: I never spoke to any person in zerodha office.

I dont know how to make call with the number given in the website. I want to trade in commodities and currencies. I cannot buy huge quantities in index option and stock option. Only a few quantities are accepted. You should check out the Kite user manualZo.

Is trading on margin allowed in this case on Zerodha or I can buy only my account balance without leverage. In case of delivery, leverage option is not there on Zerodha.

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