Options futures and other derivatives test bank questions

We probably owe our reputation to our question sets. Our founder, David Harper, has been writing FRM questions for almost a decade, and we currently have over 4, practice questions!

Preparing for the exam with questions that are too easy is a common mistake; and a common complaint heard on feedback forums. If you prepare with questions that are too easy, the exam will be frustrating. But our customers never say our questions are too easy! We scale the questions from average options futures and other derivatives test bank questions difficult; some questions are very difficult.

This tends to help our customers prepare effectively. However, many of the questions do require more time than the exam. So we do recommend you take practice questions in two ways: Let yourself practice concepts and drill methods. Learn the material before adding the time component. Second, as the exam nears, then add the timer and shift to our Mock Exams which tend to employ questions that are nearer to the exam difficult level.

Some of our questions are more like mini-labs. For example, Hull explains interest rate swap valuation. To conduct a swap valuation is not a task that necessarily fits into a two- or three-minute exam question. So our swap valuation questions involve many steps and their answers include spreadsheet references! Further, we often go into great detail explaining the answer. In some cases, David carefully wrote questions to cross-reference other FRM topics, or explore related concepts in the false alternatives.

Consequently, many of the questions are rich and deep. This is a unique feature. It means that if you want to explore a question and its answer options futures and other derivatives test bank questions, you just click the link to its thread in the forum.

Some of our questions have amazing discussions filled with insights! Some of the fundamental FRM concepts are utterly swarmed with insights that will give you much greater confidence heading into the exam. Why Take the Exam? Stay connected We'll keep you informed on new forum posts, relevant blog articles, and everything you'll need to prepare for your exam.